At Labrewatory, our philosophy is "Expect the Unexpected," something that reflects in every original brew our brewer and collaborators come up with.

List of beers on tap

Locally sourced and always rotating; we never brew the same beer twice.

Proud To Be An

#1. American IPA        ABV:  7.1%

Clearly not Hazy

#2. IPA       ABV:  6.9%

Swipe Right

#3. SMASH IPA         ABV:  6%

Do or Do Not. There Is No RYE.

#4. Rye IPA        ABV:  6.9%


#5. Blackberry Pale Ale         ABV:  6%

Slam Dunkel

#6. Dunkelweisen        ABV:  4.9% 

Babes in Brewland

#7. Pale Ale         ABV: 6.6%

Max Indicus

#8. Rice Lager        ABV:  5.8%

Bouman's Black K(HOLE)sch

#9. Black Kolsch       ABV:  6.7%

Tapping Tuesday Sign

#10.         ABV:  5.5%

Imperial Booty

#11. Imperial Pilsner        ABV:  7.6%

Dubbel Trouble

#12. Belgian Dubbel        ABV:  8.6%

Extra Special Bridge

#13. ESB       ABV:  4.5%

Surya Sour

#14. Hopped Lemongrass Sour     ABV:  5.8%

Sweet & Sour

#15. Sour Red Ale        ABV:  7.1%